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“Nous escenaris” event – AADPC

Graphic design and title of the event “Nous escenaris” (“New scenarios” in Catalan), organized by the Association of professional actors and directors of Catalonia (AADPC).

The event consisted of a series of debates and conferences (here called “escenaris”) on the state of the profession in the world of performing and audiovisual arts, and an intriguing visual game was created by replacing the word “nous” (which in Catalan means both “new” and “walnuts”) with the image of two open walnuts, seen as a metaphor for brainstorming, for a necessary ‘rupture’ to get to the heart of the matter…

In addition to walnuts, another metaphorical element has been used as a visual leitmotif in the different items: a barely hinted ray that illuminates the scene, seen as a symbolic tool to shed light, from various perspectives, on the issues discussed.


AADPC - Associació d'Actors i Directors Professionals de Catalunya