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Cármenes catalogues

The title created for the general catalogue (“New Life”) is related to the acquisition by Carmenes of the production rights to some products previously sold by another known brand in the market. For this reason we created an illustration (for both the cover and the promotional campaign) coherent with the visual identity of the brand: the products presented inside the catalogue have grown from buds and been given “new life”. To compose the various titles a pixelated typography was created. The pixels have been substituted by the floral element of the logotype.

Price list "Smart Guide"

Price list project, entitled “Smart Guide”. The final format is the same as the red rectangle on the cover of the general catalogue, of which the smart guide is a summary.

"New Collection" product catalogue

The title for the first catalogue of products exclusive to Carmenes is “New CollectiON”. The last two letters ‘on’ are highlighted to strengthen the idea of a new collection being turned on, that is starting to walk. In this catalogue there are also corporate elements from the corporate catalogue.


Cármenes Sofas