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Pensi Design Studio

Restyling and renovation of the website for the Pensi Design Studio, founded in Barcelona in 1984 by the famous Argentine industrial designer Jorge Pensi.
The project, apart from the need for an aesthetic intervention to renew the visual aspect of the site, required a restructuring and a functional classification of the numerous projects carried out by the award-winning studio over the last 35 years.

Screenshots of the previous website

One of the main needs of the studio, consisting of 5 people, was to emphasize the importance of teamwork as a design method. As requested by the team, the proper name ‘Jorge’ was then removed from the logo, which was redesigned using “Futura” font.

The full-screen slideshow of the homepage contains “random” images of projects, sketches, details and moments of the studio’s everyday life, which present us with a lively, highly creative and ever-changing reality. We decided to highlight the historical motto of the studio “The best is yet to come” …

A short video about the studio’s rich production over the years was also made, where the images flow following the rhythm of a backing track created by Jorge Pensi himself.



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